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SKI REGION Rokytnice nad Jizerou and Paseky nad Jizerou is by its area the biggest region in Western Krkonoše. The most sought after winter sport is downhill run and cross country skiing. Big advantage of this area is that there are terrains of different difficultness - there are ski slopes for small children and also for families with children or for less experienced skiers but there are also ski slopes for skilled skiers.

Rokytnice nad Jizerou offers in total 28 ski lifts and ski slopes with several difficultness and also one cableway to Lysa hora /Lysa Peak/ which is by its lenght 2 198 m unique in Krkonoše.

All ski slopes are daily altered and in many places the ski slopes and covered by artificial snow and in some zones there is also free skibus for the skiers.



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Rokytnice nad Jizerou

Skiing in Rokytnice

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Sport´s possibilities in Rokytnice
Ski area Horní Domky /Upper Cottages/ - in winter month there is above all four-seater cableway which goes to the top of Lysa hora to the high of 1312 metres above sea-level, the cableway is long 2198 metres and is capable to transport 1800 people per hour. Furthermore there are 6 ski slopes with several lenght and difficultness and its capacity is 5890 people per hour /skidding tow, Kaprun I and II, Křížek /Cross/, Zalomený and Montaz/.
Permanently modified downhill runs from the most challenging black ski slope, over FIS red ski slope, touristic blue one, slalom slope for up to downhill runs for absolute beginners´ will ensure you of many nice experiences. This Year´s innovation is transportation of snowboarders on cable way.

Ski area Studenov - Resort Studenov
- you will find this resort in above sea-level 565 - 933 metres. The resort is wellknown by its modified dowhill runs which are suitable for beginners and for medium-efficient skiers. By its settlement it is really suitable for skiing for families with children.
Local wide downhill courses are lately very soughtafter place for snowboarders. Directly in the resort are at your disposition 11 ski lifts, ski school, ski rental and deposit room for skis and snowboards, skiservice, parking site, snack bar, restaurant and phone.

Telefon: +420 602 204 123
Fax: +420 224 922 452
Ski Resort Pařez /"Stump"/ - Skiresort Pařez offers cheap and high-quality skiing both for families with children and for school training courses and also for skilled skiers who want to go skiing for their pleasure. There are also available two ski lifts Tatrapoma P and PFP which are 370 and 320 metres long and beautiful, modified ski slope which is nearly 80 metres wide.

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Ski Resort Sachrovka - Ski resort Sachrovka is suitable for families with children and other people. This resort is situated cca 150 metres away from Horní náměstí /Upper square/ in Rokytnice nad Jizerou. By the ski lift there is stall with refreshment, restaurant is cca 100 metres away. Parking is for free. Low season discounts.
Ski Resort Paseky nad Jizerou - Ski Resort Paseky nad Jizerou is located cca 2 km away from Rokytnice nad Jizerou. In the area of ski lifts you will find ski schools, ski services, rental service for sports equippment, refreshment. In the vicinity of upper station of ski lifts is marked running track leading from Vysoké nad Jizerou toward Příchovice, this track is connected with forest´s running circuits in the area of Bílá skála - Hvězda /White rock - Star/ (out-look tower Štěpánka).

Running tracks

Ski-region offers also modified running tracks and circuits. This region is included in system "Krkonoše - ski running paradise" which connects all alpine resorts of more than 500 km modified tracks.

Circuits are unpretentious and can be used also by less skilled cross-country skiers. For more skilled ski runners are suitable e.g. tracks of Paseky circuits through Studenov toward Dvoračky or you can take the advantage of the cable way to Lysa hora /Lysa peak/.
Not far from this peak you can find marked "Krkonoše ski path" which crosses whole Krkonoše. This path leads further to tumulus of Hanče and Vrbaty and to Horní Mísečky.

You can fully enjoy beautiful experiences from cross-country skiing or atractive view on the mountain skyline also close by the ski region. See you soon in the white trail.

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