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Horní 450, 512 45 Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Czech Republic


Rokytnice nad Jizerou is the biggest recreational and touristic centre of Western Krkonoše. This small town is located in picturesque valley surrounded by hills.

There are 24 ski lifts available for tourists and also high-density four-seater cableway leading to Lysa hora. Tourist lines are attractive for summer and also for winter sports activities.


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Rokytnice nad Jizerou

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou has an ancient tradition. The town has been populated already in 16th century. The original inhabitants mine wood, non-ferrous metals and silver. Much like in other mountain places textile and glass-making tradition originated here. Well-known family of glassmakers worked in Rokytnice - the Schürers.

Nowadays you can find in Rokytnice so-called Dolní náměstí /Lower square/ with town hall and so-called Horní náměstí /Upper square/ which had originated in 1996. The square is shaped by 11 houses lined with arcade. The wooden gables of the houses remind of traditional architecture of Krkonoše. Range of architectural elements admonish of about alpine style.

The Town hall
While sightseeing the Lower square /Dolní náměstí/ our attention will be drawn to magnificent town hall building. This impressive building with 37 metres high tower was built in 1902 according to the project of company Holman and Kraus from Vrchlabí.
Inside the building you could also find premises for public library, savings-bank and three prison cells. In the seventies of 20th century the town hall has been reconstructed to this very appearance.

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St. Michal´s church

This late-baroque catholic church originated on the place of the original wooden protestant church which originated already from the 16th century. New catholic church has been completed in 1758. The bells and the clock from an unknown Prague clockmaker has been placed on the tower. The last reparation passed in the nineties of 20th century.

Dvoračky is very old shack with rich history founded in 1707.
Nowadys Dvoračky is visited because of its home bakery, domestic cuisine, mountain specilialities and affordable prices.

It is open for you all year round from 9:00 till 24:00. On surrounding meadows grow precious plants - arnica montana, gentian, anemone, etc.

Huť´s waterfall

In Huť´s waterfall the water is falling down from the high of 20 metres and the waterfall is watered by Huť´s stream which springs underneath the cottage Dvoračky. The Huť´s waterfal has been in the past sought after pleasure place. There was also a restaurant where every Sunday hoedowns were set up. Don´t forgo the visit of the Huť´s waterfall even today.

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The village chapel

Place where this chapel stands is called the Church´s hill /Kostelní kopec/. It is one of the four village chapels which you can find in Rokytnice. Originally this place has been selected for building-up the church and square. These plans had not been realized and the square grew up in Lower Rokytnice.

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