Apartment U Modré hvězdy - Horní Rokytnice nad Jizerou - Giant Mountains
Horní 450, 512 45 Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Czech Republic

During spring, summer and autumn are in Rokytnice and its surroundings ideal conditions for hiking and cycling tourism. For example you can set for the spring of the River Elbe, for Golden uphill, for mound of Hanče and Vrbata, for Snow hollows or you can take a walk to the rock Strážník from where you can have a beautiful view of Rokytnice. It is possible to choose the tourist route according to its difficulty.


Apartament U Modré hvězdy N. 414

Apartament U Modré hvězdy N. 113

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou

Skiing in Rokytnice

Bicycling and cycling tourism

Sport´s possibilities in Rokytnice

Toward Huť´s /Iron-mill/ waterfall

This walk is cca only 5 kilometres long and is suitable also for small children. From Horní Rokytnice /Upper Rokytnice/ we set on foot from hotel Modrá hvězda /Blue star hotel/ at the end station of the buses along the blue tourist sign. This sign will lead us straight past the footbal pitch, hotel Starý mlýn /hotel Old mill/, among wooden cottages of local part of Rokytno on the leftwards gradient slip-road which leads through picturesque valley of Huťský stream in the middle of meadows and pastures. Again we will be fascinated by little wooden cottages. Behind the cottage Tereza we will enter the forest, continue toward the small bridge and behind this bridge is final short uprise with small turning leftwards under the waterfall.
The cascade waterfall is 20 metres high and at the time of spring thaw and after heavy rain the waterfall is buzzing mysteriously. By the main tourist lane is situated cabin called U Huťského vodopádu /At the Iron-mill´s waterfall/ where in the bygone times the inhabitants of Rokytnice nad Jizerou came every Sunday to listen to the music.
Return journey leads along the same route and we can finish this journey by snack in one of the restaurants in the area of Upper square /Horní náměstí/.


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in Rokytnice nad Jizerou

Luxury new apartament with
beautiful view of ski slope!


Through Rokytnice region in half a day

The route is long cca 16 kilometres. From Upper /Horní/ Rokytnice we set on foot from hotel Modrá hvězda /Blue star hotel/ on the main road past the football field toward Rokytno where we will pass by several charming wooden chalets. From the main road we will turn off leftwards accross the stream on the blue tourist route and we slightly mount up past the cottage Tereza through the forest toward Huť´s waterfall /iron-mill waterfall/ where we can take a pleasant break before subsequent steep rise toward saddle under Dvoračky where we will join on yellow and red routes.
From here the cottage Dvoračky is within eyeshot and only a straight stretch through blooming mountain meadows and tip of the forest remains to mount up.
In the cottage we will fresh up and taste local home-made specialties. Afterwards we will feast eyes on the beatiful wide view of Jizersky mountain and Ještěd over Vysocko and Český ráj /Czech paradise/ up to Zvičina and Žalý. From Dvoračky we are coming back first 1 kilometer by the same way to the saddle, further we continue
from crossroad straight on red tourist line - the way is called Jablonec way. We pass the forest nursery and are descending through protracted west hill-side of Wolf´s edge /Vlčí hřeben/ and on the edge of Františkov we descend shortly rightwards down the road which is leading from Rezek to Rokytno.
Then we turn leftwards on the red-marked tourist line, further we continue past the forest to the saddle of Sachr´s peak where we will have a rest and take a beautiful view on Rokytnice nad Jizerou /Rokytnice upon Jizera/. By taking a walk through nice forest way underneath "Sachrak" we will get straight on the crossroad of the tourist´s lines /red, yellow, toward Františkov, toward Horní Rokytnice nad Jizerou /Upper Rokytnice upon Jizera/.

Beautiful skyline view on the hill tops of Rokytnice /Studenov, Kotel and Lysa hora/ and on pictorial long valley of recreational centre with number of family houses and wooden little cottages will open to us. From the other side we will be captivated by lovely view on Františkov with its invitation to visit this town.

However we will take a trip on rocky view point Stráž (782 m above sea level). We will continue 1 kilometer along the red line and by the rightwards turning we will get through evergreen forest to the outlook from where we can see again whole valley of Rokytnice which is closed by massif of Kotel and Lysá hora.
We will retrace our steps toward the crossroad and continue on the yellow line down the fieldpath toward crossroad´ in Horní ves. From here we will follow the blue line rightwards and this line will lead us back to hotel Modrá hvězda /Blue star hotel/ in Horní Rokytnice /Upper Rokytnice/.


The apartment is really
The total area is 56
square metres large /3 rooms
+ eating nook/
. The apartment
consists of spacious foyer, two
bedrooms, living quarter and
fully equipped kitchen corner,
bathroom with bath and WC.

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Cycling tourism
Rokytnice nad Jizerou /Rokytnice upon Jizera/ offers many cycling trails of different seriousness. You can find here trails both for runners and for family with children.
Every year cycling race is arranged here. One of these races is a part of Czech cup in dual slalom. This takes place on the ski slope of skiareal Modrá hvězda where is prepared high-quality track with high jump. Another race is classical event in cross country.


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