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Rules of safe skiing

Although it may not seem but the skiers should not ski on the ski slopes any way they like.
Intenational ski organization FIS had issued 10 basic rules which every skier should obey.


1. THOUGHTFULNESS TO OTHER PEOPLE: Every skier has to act so that he/she would not endanger another person and would not cause any damage.

2. ADEQUATE SPEED: Every skier has to keep adequate speed and ski according to his skills, conditions and weather.

3. DIRECTION/COURSE CHOICE: If the skier on the slope has a choice of the direction he has to
go so that he would avoid the danger of crashing with another skier moving on the slope beneath him.

4. OVERTAKING: Overtaking is possible from left and also from right but always with enough distance so it would be possible to respond on movement of the skier that you are passing.

5. OVERTAKING THE SLOPE AND CROSSING THE PATH: The skier that is driving in the ski slope or crossing the ski slope has to be careful of everything underneath him so he could drive in or cross the ski slope without any danger for his own person or someone else. It is also necessary to be careful while stopping.

6. STOPPING-DOWN: The skier is not allowed to stop in the middle of the ski slope, on the crossings or on the places where it would inhibit in good visibility unless it is necessary.
In case of falling down the skier has to uprise as fastest as it is possible. Then it is possible to stop at the edge of the ski slope.

7. UPRISE: The skier that is mounting up the ski route has to move on the edge of the ski slope and in place with worse visibility has to move even more closer to the edge of the ski slope.
The same applies for case that the skier is moving on the ski slope on foot.

8. COMPLYING WITH SIGNS: All skiers have to obey the signs on the ski slopes.

9. IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT: Every one is obliged to give first aid in case of an accident.

10. IDENTIFICATION: Every one, whether the participant or the witness of the accident is obliged to supply own personal data.



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